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The SoiLife Story

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet, Healthy You

The above equation is as bold as it is true. And that is why our desire at SoiLife is pointed firmly on revitalising and restoring healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

How do we do that?

The answer is a combination of experience, research, passion and expertise. We poured years of research and dedication into a long development process, resulting in organic, effective products that not only restore moisture, replenish biodiversity and reduce compaction but also encourage self-sustainability allowing your soil to enjoy longevity and your plants and crops to thrive.

SoiLife is made from a combination of microbes, sea kelp, sea minerals and other natural ingredients, all of which work in collaboration to improve your soil health so that you can spend more time admiring your garden than working in it or relish in increased farm production and bountiful crops!

The result? Healthier (and more delicious) fruits and veggies, a flourishing garden to look out into on a Sunday morning, or a perfect lawn (the envy of your neighbours)!

So how did it all come about?

Our founders are passionate about our environment and the use of eco-friendly products. We came together to create a soil-health solution so gardeners, farmers and commercial landowners can improve their results without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemicals.

We manufacture from organic ingredients here in Australia so we can monitor quality control and ensure our users are getting the best product.

Everything we produce through our unique fermentation process is: 

  • All-natural
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Reef safe
  • Good for birds, bees, snakes, and bugs

The active ingredients include:

  • Microbial life
  • Trace minerals
  • Organic compounds

Your garden, farm, and commercial property will benefit from:

  • Healthier plants and grass
  • Reduced weed invasion
  • Increased resilience to soil-borne pathogens
  • Reduced labour and costs
  • Increased yield

Meet the Creators of SoiLife

At SoiLife, we’re driven by a passion for the environment and for cultivating sustainable, eco-friendly products. This passion was first ignited within our Founder, David Gourlay, on his childhood cattle farm in NSW’s Southern highlands.

Get To Know SoiLife Founder, David Gourlay

Growing up on a cattle property, David experienced first hand the incredible benefits of healthy, biodiverse and nutrient-rich soil. With his experience clearing land on the property, David recalls becoming attuned to the profound benefits within soil, its ability to filter water and the billions of micro-organisms that produced essential services for his crops.

“I observed the soil’s ability to expel air as bubbles after heavy rainfalls. It was evident the soils had deep profiles with the capacity to retain rain water over many months.” – David

With the introduction of hard hooved animals, heavy machinery and changed farming practices, the soil on David’s property became compacted and he began to notice the pasture, crops and trees on his land were shallow-rooted and lacked the vital nutrients they needed to sustain growth and health. He quickly recognised the effect that the declining soil had on his agriculture and the need to revitalise his soil.

So, with this observation in his back pocket, David set out to repair the soil on his land and so the first SoiLife products were created.

He used his understanding of the biology of soil, as well as extensive research and development to cultivate eco-friendly products made from a combination of microbes, sea minerals and other natural ingredients which, together, improve the biology of soil and allow it to regenerate back to a healthy state.

With the success David saw using his natural products in place of harmful chemicals and pesticides, he knew he had to share it with other gardeners and farmers. He wanted others to experience the healthy, nutrient-dense fruit and veggies, bountiful crops and perfect lawns SoiLife products were resulting in.

As he expanded his reach, David Gourlay was called out to a Northern Rivers farm for a soil test where he met now CEO, Col Watson. After witnessing first hand the effects of these organic products on his own property, Col couldn’t resist getting involved in the movement and so SoiLife, how it is today, was created. 

Get To Know SoiLife CEO, Col Watson

After being involved in corporate ventures for most of his career, Col Watson and his wife made the unexpected jump to farm-owners in the late 90’s, purchasing themselves a run-down farm in Toowoomba, Queensland. Their goal was simple – to be organic and sustainable. So they dug their feet in (literally) and began working on achieving that goal, with quite exceptional results.

But as life sometimes has it, Col’s career took a jolting 180-degree turn and he found himself back in Brisbane, this time working in the world of Oil and Gas. His wife later said to Col, “You spent your time ruining the environment, so now you can pay your penance and fix it with SoiLife”. 

In 2011, reinvigorated with a passion to do his part in environmental sustainability, Col and his wife purchased a farm in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. They arrived to find everything out of balance, an abundance of ticks and infertile soil due to high usage of chemicals and chemical drenching of cattle.

Col knew the first step to revitalising his farm was to test the soil beneath it. A chance meeting with David Gourlay at a stand at the Murwillumbah Show led to an offer by David to be the man for the job. He came out to the farm and tested the soil and during the meeting, began talking about the products he had developed, and his desire to grow his company. Col agreed to do a trial run of the products on 20HA of land, and the results were astounding. 

Col recalls, “The results we got on that farm were absolutely amazing. It reduced the tick population substantially and increased the moisture retention in all of our paddocks. Our cattle were so much healthier”. 

From there, Col was all in. He and his wife knew there was something remarkable in these products and with Col’s experience in business, he immediately jumped on board, funding the expansion of the company and so the SoiLife we know today was created. 

With a shared passion for sustainability and the environment, Col, David and his wife Janet continue to share their eco-friendly products, revitalising soil across the East Coast of Australia and the Philippines. 

How It Works

The secret ingredient is our unique formulation and fermenting process.

With years of development and research under our belt, we like to think we’ve landed on the holy grail of soil-health products. Harnessing the beneficial goodness of organic nutrients, minerals, microbes and fungi, SoiLife products and programs work to improve soil moisture retention, replenish critical microbial communities vital to self-sustainability and revitalise your soil, all without the harsh chemicals in pesticides.

SoiLife is not fertiliser! Instead of just adding to the plant, SoiLife restores soil biology, increases moisture, and allows the plant to naturally draw from the nutrients in the earth. 

To use SoiLife, simply follow the instructions on the container and repeat at regular intervals. Because this product improves soil health, you will notice healthier plants and crops of any variety.

Want To Know More?

You can order SoiLife for your garden or contact us to find out about making a bulk purchase. And remember to let us know about your results!

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