The SoiLife Story

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet, Healthy You

SoiLife believes getting the balance of life in the soil will have a huge impact on our environment, providing healthy feed for animals, nutrients for plants, and superior health for people.

How do we do that?

Through dedication and an unwavering belief in building healthy soil. The team at SoiLife have spent years researching and developing products with the aim to provide the best outcome for the soil and what grows within it and lives upon it. Through this research and passion for the soil, we have developed biologically active, fermented microbe-dense products that work on your soils to the best possible outcome for whatever you are trying to achieve.

SoiLife microbes act within the soil in numerous ways;

  • create new soil
  • alleviate compaction
  • increase aggregation of soil
  • holds more water making your soils more resilient to drought and major rainfall events
  • balances pH
  • provides a competitive environment for weeds, reducing weed dominance
  • enables locked away nutrients to become available

What is SoiLife ?

SoiLife is a specialist product combining a diverse mix of microbes, sea kelp, sea minerals, plus a few other trace minerals and natural ingredients to give your soil what it needs to reinvigorate life and a healthy balance.

Everything we produce is: 

  • All-natural
  • Reef safe
  • Safe for all life, birds, insects, pets, and people
  • 100% biodegradable

Suitable for use on:

  • Paddocks
  • All farm types (orchards, Macadamia, Avocado, Ginger, etc)
  • Ornamentals, flowers, and bonsai
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Potted plants
  • Tree planting

Proven benefits:

  • Compaction relief
  • Increased stored carbon in the soil
  • Healthier plants and animals
  • Increased nutrient uptake for plants
  • Increased crop yields
  • Reduced chemical inputs and fertilisers

Meet the Creators of SoiLife

David Gourlay – Director and Founder

Dave became passionate about the environment and wanted to explore different ways of farming whilst growing up on a cattle property in rural NSW. Dave experienced firsthand the incredible benefits of healthy, biodiverse, and nutrient-rich soil. With his experience clearing land on the property, Dave recalls becoming attuned to the function and importance of the soil, its ability to filter and hold water, and the micro-organisms that produced essential services for his crops.

“I observed the soil’s ability to expel air as bubbles after heavy rainfalls. It was evident the soils had deep profiles with the capacity to retain rain water over many months.” – Dave Gourlay

Dave has honed his observations and has maintained his connection to the land, especially the importance of soil and water for farming and agriculture. The key that took Dave on the path of soil repair was the introduction of hard-hoofed animals, and heavy machinery and changed farming practices towards chemical and fertiliser inputs. He noticed the soil on the property changed dramatically, becoming compacted, the pasture, crops, and trees on his land were shallow rooted and the vital nutrients they needed to sustain growth and health had stopped being available. He quickly recognised the effect that the declining soil had on his agriculture and the need to revitalise his soil.

With these observations in mind Dave began his lifelong journey to find ways to rebuild the soil. Learning as much as he could to recover his farm from the changes he had witnessed. He used his understanding of the biology of soil to produce the initial SoiLife products and improve the biology of soil, allowing it to regenerate back to a healthy state.

With the success Dave saw using his SoiLife blend in place of the usual chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides, he knew he had to share it with other gardeners and farmers. He wanted others to experience the healthy, nutrient-dense fruit and veggies, bountiful crops and perfect lawns the SoiLife products were creating.

During one property assessment Dave was called out to a Northern Rivers farm for a soil test where he met, Col Watson. After witnessing first hand the effects of these products on his own property, Col couldn’t resist getting involved in the movement and so SoiLife, how it is today, was created.

Col Watson – Business Manager

After being involved in corporate ventures for most of his career, Col and his wife made the jump to farm owners in the late 90’s, purchasing a rundown farm in Toowoomba, Queensland. Their goal – to be organic and provide sustainable food for themselves and the community.

Changed markets and a change in career led Col back to Brisbane, this time working in the world of Oil and Gas. In 2011, reinvigorated with a passion to do his part in environmental sustainability, Col and his wife purchased a farm in the Northern Rivers of NSW. They arrived to find everything out of balance, an abundance of ticks and infertile soil due to high usage of chemicals, and chemical drenching of cattle.

Col took the first step to revitalising his farm by looking to test the soil. A chance meeting with Dave Gourlay at the Murwillumbah Show led to an offer by Dave to come to the farm and test the soil. Col agreed to do a trial run of the products on 20ha of land, and the results were astounding.

Col recalls, “The results we got on that farm were absolutely amazing. It reduced the tick population substantially and increased the moisture retention in all of our paddocks. Our cattle were so much healthier”.

From that moment, Col was all in and joined SoiLife. He and his wife knew there was something remarkable in these products. His wife said to Col, “You spent your time ruining the environment, so now you can pay your penance and fix it with SoiLife”.

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