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Our Top-Pick Potting Mixes and How They Can Support Your Plants

As we soak in the summer months here in Australia, many of us tend to spend more time in our gardens and yards, which often sparks an impulse to get our hands dirty and spruce up the greenery. So if like us, you find yourself with a desire to pot a few plants, or tend to your vegetable gardens and flower beds, you might be headed toward the gardening store to get yourself some potting mix.

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SoiLife Vegetables

Australia is Experiencing a Shortage in Fresh Produce

Since the Covid pandemic ravaged supply-chains worldwide, Australian’s have experienced first-hand the domino effect that food supply issues have on our everyday lives. From panic-buying in grocery stores, to supply shortages at our favourite restaurants, the holes in our national food system have been thrust into the spotlight over this past year.

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