Australia is Experiencing a Shortage in Fresh Produce, So It’s Time To Start on That Veggie Garden.

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Since the Covid pandemic ravaged supply-chains worldwide, Australian’s have experienced first-hand the domino effect that food supply issues have on our everyday lives. From panic-buying in grocery stores, to supply shortages at our favourite restaurants, the holes in our national food system have been thrust into the spotlight over this past year.

Previously, our fresh food produce managed to evade international logistical issues thanks to 90% of Australia’s fresh food being produced in Australia. However, with the rapid increase in covid-19 cases hitting our food workers across Australia this past month, we are now seeing a dramatic and worsening shortage of food-supply in our supermarkets.

So, as our supermarkets struggle to keep up with demand, now is a better time than ever to lean into that green thumb. At SoiLife we cannot stress enough, the benefit and importance of having your own veggie/fruit garden. Not only does it allow you the freedom to be self-reliant, it gives you untethered access to delicious, fresh food without the inflated price tag.

Owning your own patch of fresh goodness is a sure way to ensure your family has access to nutritious, fresh produce regardless of supply and demand issues, as well as getting you outside, enjoying the fresh air.

So, let’s get you started! SoiLife is here to assist you in providing the best foundation for your plants to thrive by feeding them with nutrient-rich, moisture-filled soil. Our products will help you produce a bountiful supply of fresh, nourishing (and delicious) fruits/veggies to enjoy by first ensuring your food is planted in healthy soil. Feel free to give us a call our check out our online catalogue of SoiLife soil products.

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* Remember, Life begins in Soil. Healthy Soil Healthy Plants Healthy Planet Healthy You. Happy planting! *

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