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Our Top-Pick Potting Mixes and How They Can Support Your Plants

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As we soak in the summer months here in Australia, many of us tend to spend more time in our gardens and yards, which often sparks an impulse to get our hands dirty and spruce up the greenery. So if like us, you find yourself with a desire to pot a few plants, or tend to your vegetable gardens and flower beds, you might be headed toward the gardening store to get yourself some potting mix.

 What is Potting Mix?

Potting mix is essentially a ‘booster pack’ for your soil. Although they may differ slightly in their

ingredients, all potting mixes are man-made concoctions of beneficial additions to your soil like

compost, perlite, vermiculite and extra soil and sand. These elements, when used in your pots (or even mixed in your earth soil), greatly benefit the health of the plants they support. Potting mixes are designed to provide moisture, aeration and structural support to the roots of your potted plants.

When searching for your ideal mix, you’ll find the aisles at most gardening stores are jam-packed with an assortment of potting mixes to choose from. We know this can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. So to help, we’ve collated some of the most common and popular brands in Australia and a bit about what they’re best used for to help you navigate it.

 The first tip we suggest is ensuring the potting mix you purchase meets Australian Standards. Look for the Australian Standard tick on the bag.

 Debco Premium Potting Mix

 If you’re looking for a premium and versatile potting mix, Debco Premium Potting Mix is a great option. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting and having been developed over many years, it contains a variety of nutrients beneficial to your plants. One of the best elements of this potting mix is its ability to slowly release and distribute nutrients when your plants need it, through a controlled-release fertiliser.

 You can find Debco Premium Potting Mix at most garden stores in Australia.

 Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix

If you’re a big fan of a cactus or two, this potting mix is perfect for you! Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix is very highly rated amongst consumers, not only here in Australia but across the globe. Miracle-Gro is formulated with forest products, sphagnum peat moss, sand and perlite to assist in the drainage process and resist soil compaction. Miracle-Gro is often recognised for its role in supporting nutrient-rich, colourful cacti, palm and citrus. So if you’re a collector of succulents and palms, this plant food enriched mix is going to do you wonders!

 You can find Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix on Amazon.

 Garden Basics All-Purpose Potting Mix

 Garden Basics All-Purpose Potting Mix is a great, consumer-approved and cost-effective option if you’re looking to use your potting mix across all indoor and outdoor plants as well as potted fruits and vegetables. Garden Basics acts as a great structural foundation for your plants, however, we do advise you to use an organic fertiliser or our SoiLife bioremediation products alongside this mix as it does not contain all nutrients and biologically active components your garden may need. Garden Basics potting mix is still a great option and is highly recommended for gardeners (particularly if you’re potting a lot of plants!). This mix is organic-based and is suitable for most plants.

 You can find Garden Basics All-Purpose Potting Mix at most garden stores in Australia.

 Greenworld Organics All-Purpose Potting Mix

 Whether you are a professional grower or a home garden enthusiast, Greenworld Organics All-Purpose Potting Mix is an excellent option. It contains an added base fertiliser to supply your plants with nutrients to sustain them over a longer period of time and is suitable for a diverse variety of plants. The mix contains rich organic compost and trace minerals (both of which we love here at SoiLife) to give your plants the support and nourishment they need. Greenworld Organics is frequently quality and performance tested to ensure only the best mix ends up on the shelf and ultimately in your garden.

 You can find Greenworld Organics All-Purpose Potting Mix at most garden stores in Australia.

 No matter the potting mix you choose, SoiLife is here to help to ensure the health and growth of your plants. Our products can effectively complement any potting mix to assist in giving your plants the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. If you are looking to integrate SoiLife’s bioremediation program into your garden, do not hesitate to give our friendly, qualified team a call.

 Happy Planting! 


If you’ve gone through these steps and you’re still unsure if your soil will support your dream of a fruitful garden, or you’ve found that your soil is too unhealthy, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website We would be happy to chat with you and advise you on the best SoiLife products to help you achieve your goals. Happy Gardening!

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