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Valentines Garden

Gift A Garden This Valentine’s Day

As we dive into the month of love and anticipate the return of the little guy with a heart-shaped arrow, it is only natural that a lot of us will be reaching for the roses. And while of course, gifting your partner a bunch of roses or a bouquet of fresh flowers is a beautiful gesture and one we’re sure will be received excitedly, there’s an even better gesture of love to consider – Gifting A Garden.

Plant growing

Thinking of Growing Your Own Produce? Here’s Why You Should!

Over the past few years, the ’grow-your-own’ movement has surged in popularity, particularly in major cities and urban areas. We’re seeing more and more Australian’s take to their balconies or yards to nurture their personal supply of fruits and vegetables. So why the growing enthusiasm and uptake in home-grown produce? Well, it’s in part due to growing awareness of the abundance of major health benefits it offers.


What is Soil Biodiversity and How Does it Affect Your Harvests?

It can be hard to conceptualise that the soil beneath our feet and plants is biologically active. But unbeknownst to the naked eye, soil contains a myriad of diverse micro-organisms that interact with each other and with our plants, crops and other agriculture to provide essential minerals and nutrients for growth and sustainability. In fact, a teaspoon of soil contains up to 6 billion biologically diverse micro-organisms.

SoiLife Vegetables

Australia is Experiencing a Shortage in Fresh Produce

Since the Covid pandemic ravaged supply-chains worldwide, Australian’s have experienced first-hand the domino effect that food supply issues have on our everyday lives. From panic-buying in grocery stores, to supply shortages at our favourite restaurants, the holes in our national food system have been thrust into the spotlight over this past year.

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