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Permanent Pasture – Glen Innes


SoiLife was engaged to assist with pasture management to support a permanent pasture paddock Farm “Neridah East”, which is located outside of Glen Innes, NSW . The farmer had concerns with compaction and the poor quality of the pasture.

The farmer was looking for a solution to reduce compaction of his paddocks and increase the species mix within the pasture as there was no success previously with seeding and opening of the soil profile.

Plants species

Pasture – Plantain, Chicory, Rye Grass and Fescue

Soil type:

Granite sandy soil.

Heavy compaction


Glen Innes, NSW


  • Relieve compaction and improve the soil biology.
  • Open up the soil and improve structure.
  • Allowing for better aeration, root development and water holding of the soil.
  • Improve nutrition for cattle.


Michael had three main goals
1. Reduce compaction of soil and improve drainage and overall structure

2. Improve the nutrient availability in the pasture

3. Have the seeded pasture become successful

SoiLife Results

  • SoiLife applied in March at 80L/ha (first application)
  • 200mm of rain
  • Second application in July at 80L/ha

Application 1

Copacated Soil.Stunted pasture growth

80L to 5.5 acres with soiLife Microbes

Application 2

Ground felt softer. Pasture took of 1 week after rain

80L to 5.5 acres with soiLife Microbes


Paddock on right has had no SoiLife treatment. Pasture soil is compacted, and growth reduced.

After SoiLife Treatment

After one treatment the pasture responded well following rain.​

“Thing we noticed straight away, the pasture just exploded within a week after that first lot of rain. It just looked healthy……”

Michael Lamph, Cattle Farmer

Glen Innes, NSW

Spraying SoiLife Microbes and Microbe Feeder 

Rate 80L/ha

5ha treated area

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