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Murwillumbah Gardener – lawn Care


A local gardener was looking to improve the feel and health of his lawn. He top dressed using SoiLife NextGen Microbial compost one week after applying SoiLife Soil Microbes and Microbe Feeder to start improving the biology of his soil.

All images in this case study were taken just one week after applying the NextGen Microbial compost. To understand how the grass was prior to SoiLife Microbe and NextGen compost applications it can be seen in the images below, like the neighbours grass, brown and lifeless.

Plants species

Couch Grass

Soil type:

Clay Loam


Murwillumbah, NSW


The property had soil typical of the house blocks in the area, heavily compacted and low on organic material. Compaction makes it hard for grass roots to penetrate the soil and for watering to be effective. The compacted soil reduces the ability of the soil to hold and move water through.

Grass was not able to grow to full potential and had become brown and lifeless.

Neighbors grass seen at the top

Compacted soil and lifeless grass​


The owner had one goal

1. Have the best lawn on the street


Additional to this primary goal, SoiLife NextGen compost and Soil Microbes assisted the lawn and soil by

A. Improving the soil structure and opening up the soil, giving room for roots to grow
B. Allowing water to penetrate and supplying nutrients to the grass

SoiLife Results

Grass responded within a week of application

Soil started the process of opening the soil structure

Treatment Plan

SoiLife soil microbes and Microbe Feeder 250ml (each)/25m2

SoiLife NextGen Compost applied 2mm thick

By following this method of applying the SoiLife Microbes and Feeder first allowed for the microbes to be present, proliferate and be ready for the application of compost. Once the compost was applied the microbes could get to work decomposing the nutrients and making them available within the soil and grass.

Fast Results

Grass at two weeks following treatment.

“I went into our local Landscape suppliers at Brims and wanted to top dress my lawn, they didn’t have it yet but they recommended SoiLife liquid and I put that on. They got in the compost a week later and I put that on as a top dressing and within the week it just took off. I had landscapers asking me if I wanted work and neighbours asking me if I had painted the grass”

Peter Bale, Gardener
Murwillumbah, NSW

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