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White Wallaby Organic Farm


White Wallaby Certified Organic Farm uses SoiLife products to build nutrient connections from the soil to the plants. At the farm they grow Ginger and Garlic commercially and have a selection of vegetables and fruit trees for personal use.

Mulching is a big part of the process at the farm to provide cover for the soil, protecting it from drying out and to provide that slow release of nutrients. SoiLife has been a crucial step in assisting in the breakdown of the mulch into nutrients for their crops.

Plants species


Soil type:

Clay Loam


Limpinwood, NSW​


The main challenge on the farm is soil protection and maintenance of nutrient availability for crops. Having open bare soil through cultivation leads to the reduction in diversity of life through drying and breaking up the structure of the soil. Also unprotected soil can lead to the encroachment of weeds.

Open unprotected soil​

Mulched soil


1. Protect soil
2. Conserve moisture
3. Build microbial diversity
4. Improve nutrient availability
5. Reduce weed encroachment and maintenace

SoiLife Results

Through the application of mulch the soil is protected from drying out. The crops are thriving and producing high yields with the availability of nutrients through the microbial connections SoiLife products provide. A large diversity of fungus, worms and life can be seen within the soil. Weeds almost eliminated reducing maintenance times.

Ginger Forest Mulch Application​

Garlic mulch cover

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