Carbon Farming: Productive Agriculture and Climate Change

Agriculture covers more than half of Earth’s terrestrial surface and contributes roughly one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. As the effects of climate change intensify and paths for limiting global warming narrow, lawmakers and environmental advocates have rallied behind “carbon farming” as a mutually beneficial solution for society, the environment and farmers.

moon and plants

How Does The Moon Affect Your Plants? 

For as long as humans have been growing their own food, they have looked to the phases of the moon to guide their gardening practices. Although the origin of moon gardening was planted in traditional wisdom passed on through generations, the practice has recently attracted biological and horticultural research.

Ornamental Plants


While edible plants offer delicious, nutritious food to sustain our bodies, ornamental plants appeal to our mindfulness and mental health (not to mention our desired aesthetics). They’re grown for decorative reasons, which makes them an attractive option for people looking to redesign their home or improve the look of their garden. But aside from the aesthetic charm, ornamental gardening offers many other perks. IF you’ve been tempted to pick up a shovel and get planting, let us draw up the list of pros to get you over the line (spoiler alert: we see no cons!)

Spiritual Garden

Spiritual Gardening: The Benefits of Meditation Gardens

We know that plants offer a bountiful array of benefits for our planet and its people. Throughout history, plants have been used as valuable resources for materials and clothing, for nutritional sustenance, as medical breakthroughs, an income for our communities whilst all along, helping us to breathe by producing oxygen and assisting in the preservation of the ozone layer. So the benefits of plants have been well-documented, right? But did you know the act of planting, and maintaining a garden can be deeply beneficial for you too?

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