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The future of our land is in your hands – the way we grow, shop and eat determines the health of the ones we love and the environment we live in.

It is reported our farming lands have lost up to 70% available nutrients over the last 100 years reducing the crops ability to resist pest attack and deliver the expected production per hectare over time. Our soils have lost the ability to sustain crop growth without applying higher applications of inputs.
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Adding life to soil

Add Life To Your Soil

Your land has the potential to grow high nutrient produce, regardless of its past farming treatment. The aerobic and anaerobic microbes, fungi, over 70 different minerals and trace elements, complex carbohydrates and nutrients in our Soil Building Products will safely process residues, improve and build life in the soil to sustain plant growth over the long term.

Soil Health Management

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Human health depends on plant and animal health, which all depend on soil health!

Small Crop Farming can be rewarding when there is little or no insect damage and the crop is performing to your expectations.  The weather has been great with occasional rain leading to minimal irrigation and the market is strong for your product.


Since the early 1920’s and late 1940’s, farming globally has experienced a gradual decline in soil health. To such an extent our major fertile soils have become uneconomical to farm leading to a potential food supply crisis. Small cropping is a major agriculture practice facing increased management costs and losses in production. Over the previous 100 years very little attention has been paid to biology in the soil.  The practice of resting the soil was used prior to the introduction of conventional farming and this helped to build the fungi, microbes and protozoa up to a level that could provide nutrients back to the plant life above the surface.


SoiLife products synergistically assist in the conversion of trace minerals to nutrients specific to the plants needs. This is a synergistic relationship with microbes and fungi that delivers amino acids and vitamins to the plants. A healthy soil is one that is teaming with microbes, fungi and protozoa, all contributing to the health of the plant and ultimately leading to the health of the consumer.  SoiLife Australia is a LEADER in Soil Management Solutions For Commercial and Farming Applications.


Commercial Producers and Farmers particularly rely on healthy, nutrient rich soil to achieve maximum production and nutritious produce. Often this is hard to achieve in overworked, hardpan, chemically treated & sun hardened soil. Our Soil Builder and Compost Builder’s secret is that they replenish microbial and natural nutrients into the soil, just as mother nature does over thousands of years, thus production and nutritional value is maximised. We work hand in hand with our Commercial Customers, creating a management plan tailored to the individual farmers needs. Our involvement in many projects with a number of producers to maximise yield in tree crops, increase strike rate for row crops, improve pasture growth and building compost solves many waste issues, on farm, for commercial operations  and from the community at large.

Government Green Space Management

Sports Fields and Parks

Sports fields and parks are required to provide multi-use functions, including heavy vehicle traffic, different land use and frequent sports events.Management risks include soil compaction, decreasing soil quality, increasing weed invasion potentials and increasing maintenance costs over time.

SoiLife Programs assist councils and green space managers to reduce these threats and increase the benefits to the residents and user groups.

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soil life waste management

Waste Management & Resource Recovery

The production and creation of green waste occurs through government services, land clearing and farming practices. The catchment management strategies also identify concerns with the amount of effluent in creeks and dams as a result of different agriculture.


SoiLife assist these agenda by the use of SoiLife Programs to improve resource recovery, including BioAqualife products.These SoiLife Programs assist in creating better quality compost, reducing machine and equipment costs, increasing usable space and improving waste management outcomes. SoiLife aligns with the agenda of councils and the continual improvement model of managing resources.

Restoration Ecology

Restoration of eco-systems is required to meet development approval conditions, contract compliance and the creation of ‘offset areas’ for infrastructure projects. The increased establishment rate of the vegetation community, restoration outcomes and increased resilience of the vegetation is critical for success. This success is required for both the ecological purpose and the contract requirements of the land managers.


SoiLife Programs assist in the rate of recovery and health of the eco-system. There and significantly for increasing the ecological carrying capacity of the systems and increasing ease of sign of the restoration contractors. The risk of non compliance is significantly reduced by incorporating the SoiLife Programs.
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Land Management

SoiLife Programs are easily integrated into your existing land management and farming systems. The programs are focused on feeding the soil which in turn feeds the plant.

This is a key point difference in soil bioremediation. At SoiLife Australia we understand the key role in physics, chemistry and biology. When these are all catered for, you are on a winning program for yield, increased disease resistance, plant health and reduced costs and inputs. Soil restoration is a principle that is common to all soil types.

Tree Management

  • Compacted Soils
  • Damage from construction activities
  • Translocation of mature trees
  • Soil structure
  • Root development
  • Treatments in restricted Tree Protection Zones (TPZs)
These are critical management factors for arborists and tree managers. SoiLife Programs assist in achieving increased root growth, improved soil structure and infiltration, increased plant and disease resistance. We align and assist with the management objectives of arborists.
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Landscape & Turf Management

All landscape areas, parks and gardens benefit from SoiLife Programs.

Healthy soil results in:
  • Healthier plants and turf
  • Reduced weed invasion
  • Increased resilience to soil born pathogens
  • Reduced labour and costs
  • Better client satisfaction

Water Quality

Water treatment formulations, called Bio-Aqualife, contain beneficial micro-organisms that assist in purifying water by creating a biologically active antioxidant environment. Bio-Aqualife acts to lower the organic and contaminant load of dissolved compounds in the water by decomposing them into harmless inactive substances.


Bio-Aqualife water treatment will expediate and enhance the improvement of:
  • Soil fertility for increased crop health and yield
  • Plant and animal immunity to pests and disease
  • Organic decomposition of matter, Nitrates and Phosphates in Leachate ponds
  • Toxicity reduction in contaminated ponds, dams and other still life bodies.
  • Biological health of sewage and septic systems
  • Water vitality in animal troughs and water tanks, to rebuild gut health
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