Commercial property owners and managers rely on healthy, nutrient rich soil to achieve lush grounds and green grass. Often this is hard to achieve in overworked, hardpan, chemically treated & sun hardened soil. 

SoiLife assists with council regenerative projects, parklands, sporting fields, golf courses, reclaimed mining sites and more to restore nutrients, increase moisture and successfully achieve the desired project outcome.

The secret of our Soil and Compost products is their targeted ability to restore and repair soil biology. Ultimately, our unique product is not a fertiliser but a ‘soil repair’… an all-organic liquid that works magic on your property to realise its full potential!

Get Better Soil

We work hand in hand with our commercial customers, creating a management plan tailored to individual needs.

Our involvement allows producers to maximise tree growth, improve grass quality and build compost to solve waste issues.

Contact us to order organic soil restoration products for your sporting ground, golf course or other commercial projects.


We have recently been using the enhanced compost as a top dress. We were very impressed by the nutrient analysis. The ongoing results of the enhanced compost can already be seen in the turf areas we have treated. We are now conducting our first Soil Microbes & Microbe Feeder applications across the greens to improve soil structure and drainage.



Restore Nutrients For Healthier Land

With SoiLife, almost any type of land has the potential to be green and healthy.

The aerobic and anaerobic microbes, fungi, 70 plus different minerals and trace elements, complex carbohydrates, and nutrients in our Soil Building Products work to regenerate and revitalise microbial life in soil. In other words – we restore soil health from the inside, allowing it to rebuild and sustain healthier land.


I have used SoiLife programs in the install and ongoing maintenance of our turf projects. This has included under turf preparation, enhanced compost as top dress and Soil Builder, Micro-feeder applications of existing turf areas. The outcomes have been great for soil improvement, increased turf quality and reducing labour and ongoing cost inputs.



Impress Your Visitors

With deep green lawns, healthy plants and beautiful gardens, you’ll be the talk of the town. SoiLife soil assists developers and home-owners alike in achieving the presentation they desire of their property, all the while making it easier to maintain. (Win, win!)


My landscaping attempts really came to life when I used SoiLife on the lawn and the surrounding gardens. I basically only have to mow the lush growth of the lawn now.

Val – Central Coast NSW


Buy In Bulk

Increase the quality of the plant life on your property with bulk supplies of SoiLife.

We can match your needs, no matter where you are in Australia.

Farmers and Commercial ABN holders please contact us for pricing


The IBC’s were easy to use for our paddocks. We attached our fittings and connected to our sprayer. The economy of scale was advantageous due to the long shelf life.

Northern Tablelands NSW


Avondale Park

The Avondale Park Restoration Project achieved incredibly impressive results within 2 years, easily outperforming the expected delivery estimation of 3 -5 years.

As part of the Avondale Park Project, vacant land was remediated to provide an aesthetic barrier to a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Learn more about the Avondale Park Project Here.

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