Urban Gardeners

1 How does SoiLife work?

SoiLife products include beneficial microbes and fungi that are able to reconstruct and de-compact soils. Resulting in increased water retention and nutrient uptake. The benefits to you include healthier nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and salad greens.

2 How can I successfully grow vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers?

SoiLife products can replace harsh chemicals by delivering a wide spectrum of trace minerals and nutrients to the soil. Healthy Soils + Healthy Plants = Healthy You.

3 Will SoiLife Products work on my lawn?

Yes, by improving the health of your soil your lawn has the ability to grow roots deeper, retain more moisture through the dry times and appear greener and thicker. Ultimately, preventing weed growth.

4 How do I improve plants other than vegetables throughout my garden?

Improving your soil improves your plants. The biggest mistake most people make is buying products to fix the plant when the answer is to fix the soil. SoiLife products, when applied around your plants and absorbed into the soil profile results in Healthy Soils + Healthy Plants = Healthy You.

5 Do you offer other services and information?

Yes we have many services, please click the link and send us your request for more information.

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