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Here are some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

We find this generally refers to compacted soils. SoiLife products are specifically designed to create new soils over time. The microbes dig deep into the soil opening up compacted areas. This allows for increased root growth and plant health.

SoiLife  is a specialist product combining a diverse mix of microbes, sea kelp, sea minerals, plus a few other trace minerals and natural ingredients to give your soil what it needs to reinvigorate life and find a healthy balance.

 Yes, SoiLife products utilise microbes to unlock the exisiting nutrients within the soil and make them available to the plant.

Yes, SoiLife products works well for lawns and pastures. The improved balance of life also helps to compete against weeds.

By improving the structure and diversity of life in the soil everything benefits that you grow. The health of the plants is improved and they are more resilient to pests and disease. Also the taste of your fruit and vegetables improves as they are able to increase their uptake of nutrients from the soil.

Yes. Soil sampling and interpretation, agricultural advice, erosion assessments, garden creation consults and soil assessment. We have contacts within the Gardening, Agricultural, Laboratory, and University sectors that we call on to assist with any situation to get you the right outcome.

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