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It is reported our farming lands have lost up to 70% of available nutrients over the last 100 years. This has reduced the ability of crops to resist pest attacks and deliver the expected production per hectare over time.

SoiLife is here to restore the health of your soil without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Our products are organic, sustainable and filled with all the good stuff to replenish and regenerate your soil. Made here in Australia, our products are suitable for use with any type of crop.

Improve Soil Quality

Your land has the potential to grow high-nutrient, high-yielding produce, regardless of its past farming treatment.

The aerobic and anaerobic microbes, fungi, complex carbohydrates, nutrients and over 70+ different minerals and trace elements in SoiLife will safely process residues, improve moisture retention and rebuild microbial life in your soil.

The result? Sustained crop growth and bumper yields!


Monitoring the progress of a local Ginger Research and Development Soil Health Program

Limpinwood NNSW


Easy To Integrate

SoiLife Programs are easily integrated into your existing land management and farming systems. The programs are focused on feeding the soil, which in turn feeds the plant and assists with regenerative farming.

At SoiLife we understand the key role physics, chemistry, and biology play in healthy soil. When these natural sciences are appropriately considered, you’re on a winning track towards increased yield, disease resistance, plant health, and reduced input costs.


Ginger Rhizome

Our ginger crop is producing large rhizomes, we can pick early for juicing and the microbes were an easy addition to our farm management practice.

North Arm, SEQLD


Improve Tree And Crop Health

SoiLife assists in achieving increased root growth, improved soil structure, better moisture retention and resistance to diseases. We align our programs with the management objectives of arborists and land managers to assist in achieving the desired

Our products result in: 

  • Less compacted soil
  • Less damage from construction activities
  • Easier translocation of mature trees
  • Improved soil structure
  • Deeper root penetration

Ginger Yield Increase

‘SoiLife has made a huge difference to our Ginger crop’.


Eumundi SEQLD

Restore Biodiversity

Soil biodiversity is critical to soil health. Our SoiLife programs assist in improving the rate of recovery and health of the ecosystem by focusing on rebuilding healthy, diverse microbial communities within soil. Improving bioactivity and biodiversity in soil allows it to deliver the necessary nutrients plants and crops need to thrive.  

Addressing soil-health internally through natural biodiversity allows our products to remain organic and void of any nasty pesticides, meaning less environmental impact and healthier local waterways.


From Swamp land to Cane Fields and now prize-winning Jersey Cattle.

‘Now we’re spraying microbes on our paddock, we’ve improved and the soil is getting better and better all the time.’

Award Winning Dairy – McDonalds, NNSW


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