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As we dive into the month of love and anticipate the return of the little guy with a heart-shaped arrow, it is only natural that a lot of us will be reaching for the roses. And while of course, gifting your partner a bunch of roses or a bouquet of fresh flowers is a beautiful gesture and one we’re sure will be received excitedly, there’s an even better gesture of love to consider – Gifting A Garden. 

You see, the thing about flowers is that beyond the moment you gift them to your well-deserving lover, there is only a finite amount of time to spend with them before they will wilt away and inevitably die. By gifting your loved one a garden, you are gifting them something you can create together and enjoy for years to come, rather than something bought at the store! We’re sure the extra touch of care and thoughtfulness will go down a treat. 

Gifting a garden is a wonderful idea this Valentine’s Day, not only because it shows an extra layer of consideration for your loved one’s gift, but because the gift of a garden is the gift of quality time. We live in an age dominated by fast-paced change, excessive technology, and constant distraction, so gifting your loved one a garden to tend to together shows them you prioritise time with them. 

Sharing your desire to nurture something together from the very beginning, until it grows tall and beautiful will make your Valentine feel loved and assured you value spending time with them. It pushes you to really set aside time to be present with each other, away from phones or the TV. So often, the ‘quality time’ we spend with our loved ones is overshadowed by distraction, whether it’s work, household chores, or being immersed in a Netflix show instead of each other. By choosing to gift a garden, you’re not just nurturing a garden, but your relationship too. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Another reason we think gifting a garden is the way to go this Valentine’s Day is the emotional connection it fosters. There is a wonderful sense of bonding that is born out of achieving something together or perhaps (if the garden isn’t growing so well) sharing in the struggles. Research shows that tending to a garden and nurturing its growth facilities a connectedness, not just to nature, but to the person you’re growing it with. It also fosters a sort of natural optimism and if you pair that with the physiological benefits of spending time out in the sunshine, it’s sure to put a big smile on the face of your Valentine.

So, as Valentine’s Day rounds the corner and bouquets line the grocery store isles, we encourage you to consider changing it up this year and gifting a garden instead.

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