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 While edible plants offer delicious, nutritious food to sustain our bodies, ornamental plants appeal to our mindfulness and mental health (not to mention our desired aesthetics). They’re grown for decorative reasons, which makes them an attractive option for people looking to redesign their home or improve the look of their garden. But aside from the aesthetic charm, ornamental gardening offers many other perks. IF you’ve been tempted to pick up a shovel and get planting, let us draw up the list of pros to get you over the line (spoiler alert: we see no cons!)


 Starting with the most obvious benefit, ornamental gardens are a beautiful way to spice up your space. You don’t have to invest in completely overhauling your garden to make a change, often all it takes is a few beautiful plants to brighten up the place, refresh your surroundings and make you feel just that little bit more lively. We’re true believers that adding natural, fresh accents to your home can transform your day-to-day experience in your space. Not only that, but ornamental gardening is an enjoyable way to get creative and flaunt your style. There is an endless selection of plants you can choose from, all of which appeal to different tastes. From elegance to eccentricity, there is something to suit your unique expression. So, embrace the beauty, indulge in the visual wonder, and create a space for yourself that is not only photogenic but uplifting too.


 One of the most valuable and underrated benefits of having ornamental plants in your house is their ability to naturally improve the air quality. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen to survive and during the process of photosynthesis, will naturally purify the air around them. By arranging a few potted plants around your bedroom or perhaps hanging a few plant baskets in your living room, you will be naturally purifying and improving the air you breathe. A higher oxygen content ultimately contributes to better overall health, so it really is a no-brainer. You can even go one step further and treat yourself to ornamental plants that absorb formaldehyde and benzene in airborne particles or can amplify regulate humidity levels in the atmosphere. Pretty cool, right? We recommend going for a Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, or Cacti. Not only will they contribute to the A+ aesthetics, but they’ll protect you from harmful particles and purify the air in your home at the same time.


 We all know that stepping out into nature can help rebalance our perceptions, improve clarity of thought and realign our emotions. So, what if we bring a slice of nature inside with us? Studies suggest having indoor plants in the home, office or even schools can improve our memory and concentration, allowing us to be more productive with our time and energy. In the age of global pandemics and lockdowns, working from home has never been more popular. We know how much of a struggle it can be to switch in and out of work and home life. Surrounding yourself with a vase of flowers or softly swaying plants on the window sill will help to decrease your stress levels, encourage mindfulness and improve your efficiency. Ornamental flowering plants can also release a calming scent to the room to inspire relaxation. We recommend going for a Lavender Plant if you want to introduce a touch of tranquility to the space… (maybe not when you’re working, we wouldn’t want you to fall asleep on the job).


 As a Soil Company, we couldn’t go past this last perk. If you are looking to improve the health of your soil and sow seeds that thrive and grow into abundance, a diverse range of ornamental plants can help. Soil and plants work cooperatively together to form a self-sustaining cycle that ultimately allows the plant to flourish and the soil to maintain optimum health. Not only is it important to nurture your plants with healthy, nutrient-rich soil, it is also important to introduce a range of plants to your soil, including ornamental plants. Plants give back to the soil through their roots. The more diverse the roots are and the deeper they run, the more beneficial they are for your soil. Healthy, biodiverse roots contribute to the cycle by redistributing nutrients throughout the soil, increasing its biodiversity and overall health.

So, if you’re ready to give ornamental gardening a go, we’re right behind you! With years of development and research under our belt, we’re your go-to team for anything plants and soil. If you need help to revitalise your soil before planting, or just want to get your hands on the most trusted, natural products to give your ornamental garden the best chance to thrive, get in touch. 

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