NextGen Compost

Available at garden and landscaping suppliers. NSW and QLD.


Price m³ available from suppliers

SoiLife NextGen Compost is perfect for all types of applications. Premium compost at a reasonable price. Created using SoiLife Compost Microbes.
10mm clean screened Hardwood timber and manure. SoiLife NextGen Compost is free from plastics, rocks and glass.

Prebiotic system to create probiotic results

Uniquely fermented formulation

All natural

100% Bio-degradable

Good for the birds & bees

Reef safe

Usage & application

Apply a top dressing on the top of the soil or directly on a lawn to give your plants a boost of nutrients.

✔️ Top dressing of lawns

✔️ Vegetable gardens

✔️ Fruit trees

✔️ Ornamentals

✔️ Pot plants

Do Not use on Natives as it may not be right for them.

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