Seedlings, How to Give Them the Best Start

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Planting seedlings can be very rewarding and gives you the freedom to choose what specific plants you would like to grow. Having the skills to turn seeds into edible plants is a pretty handy thing to know these days. Not only is raising seedlings at home much cheaper than buying them fully grown, it is also great fun.   


The Humble Seed  

A seed is the beginning of a plant’s life. It is a tiny plant embryo combined with enough stored energy to bring it to life. Moisture, air and specific temperature are essential for a seed to sprout and begin its life. The moisture softens the seed coating and allows the seed to swell. Air or oxygen can then enter and the seed takes it’s first breath, respiration, a process that releases the stored food energy and makes it available to the plant embryo. Once it breaks through the soil surface, it opens its leaves and begins photosynthesis, thus becoming self-sustaining.   

How to Sow?  

There are a lot of ways of sowing seeds. Here are some examples: First you can use a seed raiser or a Seed Bed, this is where you sow the seed first and transplant them later when the seedlings are strong enough to adapt to their environment. Some seedlings would easily die because they are still vulnerable and cannot withstand certain conditions such as temperature changes, weather conditions and an animal’s curiosity. Next is using a suitable container sometimes called Container Sowing. This is planting your seedlings in a specific container. Here you can have the soil in which the plant will grow and help maintain ideal growing conditions. Different containers do very well with many kinds of plants and in various places too. Another method and the most common is Direct Sow. It is when you plant your seeds directly in a garden bed where you want them to grow permanently. This is very convenient and works well, especially if your garden’s soil is well-maintained. We recommend always clearing weeds, have proper spacing and direct sowing will favour you well.  


How SoiLife can help!  

The most important factor in sprouting your seeds is the soil. Nutrient-rich soil encourages fast seedling growth. SoiLife is made from a combination of microbes, sea kelp, sea minerals and other natural ingredients, all of which work in collaboration to improve your soil health. When the soil is healthy, your seedlings will grow aided by the essential nutrients housed by the soil. This will guarantee stronger, healthier and more resilient plant growth. Why not sit your seeds in a solution of SoiLife for your plants to have the best start they can possibly have. 

Growing plants from seeds is a truly magical experience. A SoiLife magical experience can be yours today. 





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