Spiritual Gardening: The Benefits of Meditation Gardens

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We know that plants offer a bountiful array of benefits for our planet and its people. Throughout history, plants have been used as valuable resources for materials and clothing, for nutritional sustenance, as medical breakthroughs, an income for our communities whilst all along, helping us to breathe by producing oxygen and assisting in the preservation of the ozone layer. So the benefits of plants have been well-documented, right? But did you know the act of planting, and maintaining a garden can be deeply beneficial for you too?

In recent years, there has been a renewed exploration of the benefits of gardening on our emotional and spiritual state.  Current studies show that the presence and connectedness to nature gardening offers positively impacts our wellbeing and our mindfulness. In a world of fast-paced action and pressured deadlines, many Australians are beginning to rediscover the power of nature to ground us and pull us back into presence and perspective.

What is ‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’

‘Grounding’ and ‘Earthing’ both refer to the process of realigning and reconnecting with the Earth. Gardening is a powerful way we can do that. It allows us to play our part in the wider cycle of life, and understand our connectedness to the living world around us. By embracing gardening, we also open ourselves up to the lessons nature offers us. Patience, resilience, uncertainty, hope. Gardening gives us a greater perspective of life and allows us to observe the delicate balance and beauty around us.

The healing potential of gardening has only recently been explored by mental health professionals and doctors and delving into the effects has really shifted perspectives on the magnitude of benefits. Gardening can offer a strong sense of self and accomplishment. Nurturing a garden or plant from the beginning of its growth can be a really rewarding and enriching process. We are learning that connecting with nature is a useful way to practice being present and aware of our bodies, mind, and spirit. There is a strong energy shift that can occur when we step outside of the fast-paced race that life often propels and slip into the serenity of nature. Gardening has the potential to reduce stress, clear your mind and bring your body back into balance. This improves our ability to respond in a more peaceful, calm way when faced with situations that challenge us emotionally and spiritually. Having a dedicated garden to retreat to for reflection when life gets overwhelming can prove invaluable.

Creating Your Own Meditation Garden

The first rule to creating a meditation garden is that there are no rules. A meditative garden is a place for you to escape, filled with things you love. For each person that will look different. Whether it is overflowing with your favourite coloured flowers, the smell of lavender plants, your favourite fruits and vegetable or trees. Your garden should be filled with plants and personal pieces that elicit a feeling of calmness and balance for you.

You don’t need an elaborate space to create a meditation garden. If you live in a small apartment, it can be a small corner of your room or it can be a little path by the side of your house. Somewhere you can go to be present and reflective. Planting aromatic flowers in the area can help to create a tranquil atmosphere and signal to your brain that now is the time to meditate. Dedicate time to nurturing your garden, watering it, watching it grow, and becoming in touch with the life cycle it follows. Meditation is known to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and increase your sleep and energy levels. So, by nurturing your garden, you’ll in turn nurture your mind and health.

If you would like to cultivate your own meditation garden, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be honoured to help you lay the perfect foundation for reflection and healing by making sure your soil is healthy,  and ready to feed a flourishing garden. 

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