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Nalini shares her garden results with Dave after using SoiLife Soil Microbes Micro-feeder in The Tweed Valley.


- Nalini


SoiLife collaboration - Monty Compost Co

Monty Compost Co is a company with a mission to get everyone, everywhere composting. The company was founded to help make composting easy and efficient for everyone through the power of technology. At SoiLife we share the passion in composting and are so proud to have found a company who takes composting to the next level. Composting also provides a huge list of benefits from recycling food waste, creation of fertilisers, carbon sequestration, and restoring soil life and therefore health. We love Monty’s vision of a future where composting is made easier and accessible for everyone.

Feedback about SoiLife

The IBC’s were easy to use for our paddocks. We attached our fittings and connected to our sprayer. The economy of scale was advantageous due to the long shelf life.
Northern Tablelands NSW
My landscaping attempts really came to life when I used SoiLife on the lawn and the surrounding gardens. I basically only have to mow the lush growth of the lawn…
Val – Central Coast NSW
We own a small property with four horses and the amount of manure we collect on a weekly basis is far too much to imagine. I’ve been unsuccessful in maintaining…
LS – Nerang QLD
Gold Coast – Family Farm Compost
Today I dug about two of my compost heaps on the go, that were treated with your compost builder three weeks ago. I am delighted at how advanced they are,…
K – Murwillumbah NSW
Murwillumbah NSW
I watered my greens with your soil microbes one week ago, and they are standing high and strong, there is definitely more life force visible in the greens (kale, spinach…
K – Northern Rivers NSW
Northern Rivers – Home Garden
We have been using the Soil Builder and the Foliar Spray for some time. Our customers tell us the colours in our Bromeliads and Day Lillies are unbelievable, the best…
Shirley – Stokers Siding NSW
Stokers Siding NSW
Within 7 days of application, the lawn was healthier, showed little or no signs of disease, water retention in the soil below was extremely high, and was well on its…
Horticulturist – Gold Coast QLD
We have recently been using the enhanced compost as a top dress. We were very impressed by the nutrient analysis. The ongoing results of the enhanced compost can already be…
Plant selection & soil health works really well together, all it needs is a little rain and the right food source of microbes and a few other special things all…
Robert - Home Gardener – Albury NSW
I have used SoiLife programs in the install and ongoing maintenance of our turf projects. This has included under turf preparation, enhanced compost as top dress and Soil Builder, Micro-feeder…
Monitoring the progress of a local Ginger Research and Development Soil Health Program
Limpinwood NNSW
From Swamp land to Cane Fields and now prize-winning Jersey Cattle. ‘Now we’re spraying microbes on our paddock, we’ve improved and the soil is getting better and better all the…
Award Winning Dairy – McDonalds, NNSW
Ginger Rhizome Our ginger crop is producing large rhizomes, we can pick early for juicing and the microbes were an easy addition to our farm management practice.
North Arm, SEQLD
Ginger Yield Increase ‘SoiLife has made a huge difference to our Ginger crop’.
Eumundi SEQLD

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