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Urban Gardens

Gardening serves the double purpose of bringing joy through ‘doing’ while also being a sustainable way to support your family. 

SoiLife gives urban gardeners the opportunity to create healthier soil and more bountiful results without the use of chemicals or pesticides. 

So get your thumbs green and start planting. 

Grow Your Own Organic Produce

Organic food isn’t just more delicious and healthy – it is also better for the environment! By choosing to go organic you are helping to minimise unnecessary pollution caused by fertilisers and chemical pesticides.

Our organic SoiLife products add the important nutrients and microbes into your soil while also activating all the good stuff that’s already there. 


My snow peas have never tasted better. Super motivated now to do more in my garden.


Home Gardener Murwillumbah

Give Life To Indoor Plants

Bringing nature indoors helps to improve air quality. Plants filter the air around them, absorbing gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene, and emit oxygen. They also increase humidity levels. Cleaner, more oxygen-rich air will keep your family and pets healthier.

Give your indoor plants the chance to survive and thrive with SoiLife.


We have been using the Soil Builder and the Foliar Spray for some time. Our customers tell us the colours in our Bromeliads and Day Lillies are unbelievable, the best they’ve seen in years. Every market we go to people ask us ‘what are you using?’ We tell them it’s a secret mix and we’re not telling you. The soil we have treated at home has plenty of life in it now and where we didn’t spray we have weeds and patchy growth. Thanks for everything.

Shirley – Stokers Siding NSW

Stokers Siding NSW

Add Nutrients To Your Fruit & Vegies

Your garden has the potential to grow high nutrient produce, regardless of its past treatment.

The 70 plus different minerals and trace elements, complex carbohydrates, microbes, fungi, and nutrients found in SoiLife will replenish nutrients and help to build a life in the soil to sustain plant growth.


I watered my greens with your soil microbes one week ago, and they are standing high and strong, there is definitely more life force visible in the greens (kale, spinach, and parsley) and they aren’t drooping in the heat as before. The compost accelerator has also noticeably improved my compost piles, which were in various stages of composting, prior to adding the mix. Very exciting additions to my lovely garden, thank you!

K – Northern Rivers NSW

Northern Rivers – Home Garden

Build A Healthy Compost

Adding compost to your garden feeds your soil with a diversity of nutrients and microorganisms that will improve plant growth. Compost also increases soil stability, improves drainage, and helps retain moisture.

SoiLife products for composting increases carbon levels promote fast compost decomposition and encourage competitive exclusion of pathogens and disease. 


We own a small property with four horses and the amount of manure we collect on a weekly basis is far too much to imagine. I’ve been unsuccessful in maintaining a hot compost due to large and heavy volume of as well as lack of any machinery. The SoiLife compost juice has made the job of composting not only much easier but most importantly much more effective. A truly great product!

LS – Nerang QLD

Gold Coast – Family Farm Compost

Increase Root Development

Root development is a major necessity for plant health and production yield.

The complex formula of nutrients, minerals, and microbes found in our soil building products encourage plants to grow a dense collection of roots, reaching deeper into the soil.

Deeper roots improve the plants’ access to soil nutrients and improve their ability to take up water.


Within 7 days of application, the lawn was healthier, showed little or no signs of disease, water retention in the soil below was extremely high, and was well on its way to becoming a perfect lawn. Read more.


Horticulturist – Gold Coast QLD

How To Improve Soil

All the good stuff found in our soil-building products like minerals and trace elements, complex carbohydrates, microbes, fungi and nutrients replenish your soil naturally and help to rebuild diverse life in your soil. Biodiversity in your soil helps to sustain healthy plant growth for the long term.

Whether you have a small indoor garden, some potted plants, or a thriving backyard veggie patch, SoiLife gives you the ability to grow your own food and flowers without nasty chemicals and unnecessary pollution – your tummy and planet will thank you!


Today I dug about two of my compost heaps on the go, that were treated with your compost builder three weeks ago. I am delighted at how advanced they are, a process that would usually take months seems to be taking weeks! Thanks again for developing such a wonderful tool for my organic garden!

K – Murwillumbah NSW

Murwillumbah NSW

Member of the Gold Coast Organic Growers Club

Within 7 days of application, the lawn was healthier, showed little or no signs of disease, water retention in the soil below was extremely high and was well on its way to becoming a perfect lawn.

Compost & Soil Microbes Program – Elanora Gold Coast QLD

Plant Selection & Soil Health


Plant selection & soil health works really well together, all it needs is a little rain and the right food source of microbes and a few other special things all contained in the Soil Microbe Duo Pack.

Robert - Home Gardener – Albury NSW


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