Why Should You Use SoiLife Products in your Garden?

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You might have heard us here at SoiLife talk about how important it is to have fertile soil. You may have even read our proclamation that ‘life begins in soil’. But what does that truly mean and why are we so passionate about it?

Well, the simple fact is, having healthy soil is critical to survival. That may sound dramatic but without healthy soil beneath our plants, they simply cannot grow and flourish and without healthy soil beneath our feet, our planet is cannot filter water, absorb carbon or grow our food to eat.

The equation is clear and simple. Healthy soil = healthy plants, a healthy planet and a healthy you.

 So whether you’re a green thumb and spend your days planting your gardens, or you want to wake up on a Sunday morning to see a beautiful garden of flowers outside your window or perhaps you’re even interested in growing yourself a little fruit or vegetable garden, healthy soil is the key to making it happen.

 And so we arrive at the golden question… How do we revitalise and maintain healthy soil?

Healthy soil contains a diverse population of microbes and micro-organisms which when correctly balanced, create a flourishing and biologically active community. This community works to unlock trace minerals necessary to sustain the growth of food and plants. Over time, without proper maintenance and replenishment of nutrients, the soil will lose its moisture, become compacted or decrease its microbial community causing it to lose its health and fertility.

This is where we come in!

At SoiLife, we specialise in revitalising the soil beneath your plants and feet. We’ve curated products and programs designed to increase microbial life in the soil to provide a nutrient-rich foundation for your desired use. Our unique fermenting process is based heavily on the natural sciences of chemistry, biology and physics and results in teams of micro-organisms working together to revitalise and improve the health of your soil.

This means that with SoiLife products in your garden, you can be assured your plants are being fed a diverse and nourishing range of nutrients by your soil. This gives your garden the best opportunity to truly thrive and flourish. Not only that, but the nutrient-rich plants that result from healthy soil will go on to photosynthesise sunlight, creating more food for the microbial community in the soil, allowing it to replenish itself and continue a sustainable cycle – all driven by SoiLife soil.

So no matter whether you’ve got a veggie patch in the backyard, a small urban garden, a sprawling yard dedicated to plants and flowers, or you’re in charge of an elaborate estate, we are the team to help you achieve a thriving and beautiful garden. We’ll make sure your soil enjoys the nutrients it deserves to foster a garden with longevity and prosperity.

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