Zero-Waste Farming: The future of Agricultural Sustainability

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We all know that when it comes to achieving agricultural sustainability, it’s crunch time. The move away from non-renewable farming resources and practices is growing, and at SoiLife, we couldn’t be happier about it. You may have heard about ‘Zero-Waste’ or ‘Closed-Loop’ Farming and how it is the future of sustainable farming. But what exactly is it?

What is ‘Zero-Waste Farming’ 

Zero-Waste farming is the adoption of farming practices that mimic the natural cycles of our planet. Just as our planet naturally repurposes organic matter, soaking it into our earth’s surface or facilitates chemical reactions that result in changes in our atmosphere, Zero-Waste farming aims to due the same. The earth is rich in sustainable resources that can be repurposed, and maximising the use of these natural resources is the key to sustainable agriculture. 

Having direct access to crops, animals, and farming practices, farmers have the unique ability to create ‘closed-loop-circuits’. A closed-loop circuit is one in which farmers rely heavily on the natural resources (like waste and organic matter) provided to them by animals and plants. Repurposing and redistributing these natural resources for use elsewhere on the farm means utilising all output and transforming it into renewable input. This eliminates the need for non-renewable interventions and allows for a self-sustaining cycle of sustainability and recycling. By replacing harmful chemicals and additives with natural resources like algae, bacteria, fungi, and other plants and animals, farmers are able to avoid damaging the environment and air quality. This shift is what will allow the agricultural industry to move towards a more sustainable future. 



The biggest example of ‘Zero-Waste Farming’ is composting. Farms and agricultural facilities are natural contenders for successful composting. Harnessing the power of composting, and using natural decomposers to covert compost into a beneficial resource remains one of the most powerful and valuable strategies for sustainable farming. Not only does composting address the existence of excess waste, but it also can be easily transformed into a vital resource for your soil. Using your own on-site compost, when done correctly, eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers and improves the health of your soil and plants. 

SoiLife Sustainability

At SoiLife, we’ve spent years cultivating our organic, sustainable products with a firm eye on reinventing the way we practice agriculture and farming in Australia. We’ve always seen ourselves at the forefront of the sustainability movement with agriculture and are passionate about the role of natural additives, like compost, in creating closed-loop cycles and contributing to healthy soil and prosperous crops. A major component of compost is microorganisms. At SoiLife, we want to help farmers and growers be able to create their own compost, and to do so we’ve developed SoiLife Compost Microbes. Our Compost Microbes contain microbial life, trace minerals, and organic compounds, uniquely formulated to speed up the compost decomposition while eliminating odour. SoiLife Compost Microbes together with the Microbe Feeder makes composting hassle-free and convenient. Your dream of a lesser waste and more sustainable farm is right around the corner. 

Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about how you can move towards zero-waste farming and adopt the sustainable farming practices of the future. 

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