Compost Microbes + Microbe Feeder

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SoiLife Compost Microbes is a specialist product combining fermented microbes that are superior in the composting process, Sea Kelp, Sea Minerals and additional trace elements.

SoiLife Microbe Feeder is provided as part of the package to provide a nutrient packed food for the microbes allowing them to proliferate and get to work in your soil.

Prebiotic system to create probiotic results

Uniquely fermented formulation

All natural

100% Bio-degradable

Good for the birds & bees

Reef safe

Usage & application

Replenish your soil and support your plant life.

Start with a single application and reapply every 3 months as a minimum. Apply monthly for faster results.

Single application ratio:

1L Microbes

1L Feeder

1m³ of Compost


SoiLife is a living product so please don’t store me in direct sunlight. Keep me in the cool part of the shed or in your laundry. Microbes in SoiLife are living. It’s a safe product for you to use. Drinking is not recommended.


Orders are prepared within 24 hours and shipped the next day. Depending on where you live, most people get their SoiLife within a week!

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