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Restructuring The Soil Beneath Your Feet

Restructuring The Soil Beneath Your Feet

At SoiLife, we’re passionate about restoring the nutrient-rich soil that once nourished our plants, crops (and feet!) here in Australia. Our organic products were born from first-hand experience dealing with the gradual degradation, lacklustre crops and low yields that have challenged Australian farmers and growers over recent decades and with an unwavering drive to return Australian soil to its rich and fertile state, SoiLife was created.

This primary knowledge of Australian soil conditions and focus on creating sustainable and effective products divulged into years of research, cultivating unique products with the ability to increase moisture retention, restore vital nutrients and regenerate biodiversity in soil.

We’re proud to offer SoiLife programs and products to urban gardeners, farmers and commercial landowners alike, so that you too can experience the rich benefits of healthy, sustainable soil.

Made right here in Australia, SoiLife is the key to self-sustaining soil, thriving plants, and healthier, more abundant crops.

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Regenerating Australia’s Soil

Suitable for any soil or location, and any size of land.

Urban Gardeners

Get better results from your veggie patch, flower beds, fruit trees, lawn, natives, and herb gardens.


Rediscover what a ‘bumper crop’ really looks like with SoiLife.


SoiLife is ideal for golf courses, sporting fields, reclaimed land and more.

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Why SoiLife

SoiLife is the most cost effective solution to assist gardeners, farmers and horticulturists to achieve long term success.

Australian-owned & Made

You’re buying from a local Aussie company with a local Aussie production hub.

Ideal for Gardeners

Watch as your garden produces more than ever before!


SoiLife is made from all-natural ingredients so you can create bountiful organic produce.

Deeper Roots For Better Results

Alleviates the hard pan to allow roots to go deeper into the soil.

Healthy Gardens, Healthy Paddocks

Imagine growing crops that are healthier, nutrient rich and taste better than ever before.

Reverse the Effects of Heavy Machinery and Drought

Hold moisture in the soil for longer and remove compaction.

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