Better Soil,
Better Results

We’re here to help improve your crops, garden, lawns, and commercial projects.

Better Soil,
Better Results

We’re here to help improve your crops, garden, lawns, and commercial projects.

For Farmers

Rebuild and repair your soils. See a difference in your crops and animals.

For Gardeners

Get better results from your veggie patch, flower beds, fruit trees, lawn, natives, and herb gardens.

For Commercial

Council parklands and sports fields, rehabilitation, offsets plantings and more.


  • Increase yields
  • Reduce pests and disease through competitive exclusion
  • Increase water holding
  • Alleviate compaction
  •  Site soil assessment
  •  Research projects
  •  Advice and monitoring


Do you want to start
your garden, but are unsure where to start? Want to improve your results?

From veggies, flowers, and fruit trees to lawns, natives, and ornamentals. 

SoiLife can help you


  • Bulk compost
  • Landscaping planning and monitoring
  • Mining contaminated soils and rehabilitation
  • Council projects
  • Large and small-scale tree planting
  • Carbon farming
  • Research projects
Best Quality Products

Life Begins in Soil

Australia’s top organic plant and soil booster

Restructuring The Soil Beneath Your Feet

At , we are passionate about creating soils that are full of life. plant and soil booster probiotically promotes the assimilation of nutrients, minerals, and bioactive compounds from the humus, carbon, and clay components of soil to establish optimum conditions for plant growth and health.

allows the natural processes of soil building to reignite through microbial action, building connections to mycorrhizal fungi, allowing worms to penetrate further, provides oxygen levels at increased depths, and encourages root systems to grow deeper and stronger.

utilises a unique blend of fermented products by restoring soil biology by adding life to the soil.

has dedicated many years of service, researching and developing products that are biologically and environmentally sustainable for solutions to improve the soil health for all types of farming and horticultural applications. We have the most cost-effective solution to assist farmers to reduce inputs and increase yields. Long-term success is our goal for your farm. You will see improvements in soil fertility, plant and animal health, and yields.

Made here is Australia,  is the key to sustaining soil, thriving plants, and healthier more abundant crops.

SoiLife is very happy to announce our collaboration with Monty Compost Co

Monty Compost Co is a company with a mission to get everyone, everywhere composting. The company was founded to help make composting easy and efficient for everyone through the power of technology. At SoiLife we share the passion in composting and are so proud to have found a company who takes composting to the next level. Composting also provides a huge list of benefits from recycling food waste, creation of fertilisers, carbon sequestration, and restoring soil life and therefore health. We love Monty’s vision of a future where composting is made easier and accessible for everyone.

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Want to know more about how  can help improve your home garden, veggie garden, lawns, crops, or commercial projects? We’re here to help.

Why SoiLife

is the most cost effective solution to assist gardeners, farmers and horticulturists to achieve long term success.

Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions

Ideal for all types of gardens and landscapes


Healthy Plants

Healthy Animals

Healthy You

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