Certified & Credible

Our products are made with the highest quality certified organic inputs. Natural, non-toxic and eco friendly. No harmful chemicals. Family Safe. Reef Safe. Animal & Insect Friendly.

A probiotic for your plants. Delivered directly to your soil.

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit Trees

  • Ornamentals

  • Natives

  • Lawns

All SoiLife products are uniquely formulated by our team of scientists. Over the last 10 years our biological fertilisers have been tested and proved in large scale agriculture improving yield, soil health and bio-diversity. Now available for your garden!

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  • Kay, NSW

    “I watered my greens with SoiLife one week ago, and they are standing high and strong, there is definitely more life force visible in the greens. The compost accelerator has also noticeably improved my compost piles. Very exciting for my lovely garden, thank you!”

  • Tom, NSW

    “SoilLife has done wonders to my garden. The soil was compacted and hard to retain moisture. Now after a few applications of the Bio-Fertiliser the soil has great aggregation - seedlings are thriving!

  • Shirly, NSW

    “We have been using SoiLife Bio-Fertiliser for some time. The colours in our Bromeliads and Day Lillies are unbelievable, the best they’ve seen in years.”

  • Luke, QLD

    Within 7 days of application, the lawn was healthier, showed little or no signs of disease, water retention in the soil below was extremely high, and was well on its way to becoming a perfect lawn.

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  • Backed by science

    We're a team of soil scientists and microbiologists. Science is our backbone.

  • Safe & sustainable

    100% natural formula with no toxins or nasties. Safe for the planet, safe for your family.

  • Tested at scale

    Our products are rigorously tested in farming & large scale agriculture. Now available for your garden!

SoiLife Bio-Fertiliser is a living product.

Each order is hand packed with eco-friendly padding to ensure freshness and a safe journey.

  • We ship Australia wide

    Locations not a worry.

  • Dispatched in 24hrs

    Need microbes ASAP? We got you!

  • Delivered fresh

    Straight from the tank
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