soil life Life begins in soil Life begins in soil healthy soil slogan Simple, Easy, Nutritious   Natural Organic Garden Solutions Our products are uniquely designed to increase the microbial life in soil to provide the nutrients and minerals for sustainable organic growth
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Small balcony garden, raised garden beds or thriving backyards, SoiLife gives you the ability to grow your own food organically and enjoy your garden. Improve the health of your lawn, make composting easy and reduce odors. If you have soil, we have a solution.


SoiLife Soil Health Programs are easily integrated into your existing farming and land management systems. Programs are focused on improving soil structure leading to increased moisture retention, improved yields and accelerated soil regeneration.


SoiLife has solutions for a range of industries including primary producers eg Ginger, Tree Orchards, Pasture, Market Gardens, etc. Other industries include Mining Reclamation, Compost Manufacturing, Sporting Fields, Parks and Wildlife, Council Greenspace areas.

Testimonials from Happy Customers

… and blow me down, I found a worm. I hadn’t seen any worms in my garden beds for years. After introducing SoiLife Microbes the soil changed, my veggies actually grew and my tomatoes tasted like they did years ago.

My snow peas have never tasted  better. Super motivated now to do more in my garden.

I used the Soil Microbes Duo Pack on one section of my veggie garden and not on the other section as a little trial. I can’t believe the difference, very happy.

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