Commonly asked questions, answered!

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Will SoiLife work in my soil?

SoiLife has been specially formulated to work in every soil we have come across so far in Australia.

Our combination of Microbes, kelp and and micronutrients will support your soil and your plants to super health.

Is SoiLife safe for me, my family and my animals?

Totally! just don't drink it. Our products are safe for people, animals, bees and the planet.

How long will SoiLife take to be delivered?

We know you want to have the best products on your garden ASAP! So we ship within two business days and then it is up to the postman or courier. Most locations have their delivery fresh at the door within the week.

It works on my veggie garden but does it work in my potted plants?

Absolutely! it is perfect for potted flowers, ornamentals, fruit trees and potted vegetable beds. In fact you will notice a difference the health benefits to your potted plants within weeks.

How long does SoiLife last?

Good question. We recommend using SoiLife products regularly and within 12 months of the production date on the label.

What is the best way to store my product between uses?

As a living product we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight and in your shed. It can get warm thats okay, just be mindful and look for shade when using outside.

Also keep SoiLife upright. the lid is breathable so you may spill it if you don't.