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Soil Microbes + Feeder

Soil Microbes + Feeder

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SoiLife Soil Microbes is a specialist product combining a diverse mix of specially fermented microbes, sea kelp, sea minerals and additional trace elements. SoiLife Microbe Feeder is provided as part of the package to provide a nutrient packed food for the microbes allowing them to proliferate and get to work in your soil.

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Certified & Credible

Our products are made with the highest quality certified organic inputs. Natural, non-toxic and eco friendly. No harmful chemicals. Family Safe. Reef Safe. Animal & Insect Friendly.


SoiLife Microbes are a living microbial product. It contains a concentrated, uniquely fermented diverse microbial mix.

When Part A (Stabilised Microbes) and Part B (Microbe Activator) are combined and applied to your garden, an explosion of microbial life occurs (thats why its in two parts) and the microbes then continue to multiply in your soil building connections between the nutrients, fungi and your plants.

Full spectrum application

Equal parts mixed in water and off you go. Apply to to the soil prior to planting or to exisiting plants on the soil or foliage. Soak seedlings before planting out in SoiLife to reduce transplant shock.

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit & Citrus

  • Flowers & Ornamentals

  • Natives & Succulents

  • Grass & Lawns

All SoiLife products are uniquely formulated by our team of scientists. Over the last 10 years our biological fertilisers have been tested and proved in large scale agriculture improving yield, soil health and bio-diversity. Now available for your garden!

SoiLife's Super-Formula

The solution to your gardening success.


Increase Nutrient Uptake

SoiLife increases nutrient exchange between bacteria and plants, playing a crucial role in improving soil fertility and plant health -- and ultimately your health.


Work with nature

Not against her. Harnessing microbes works synergistically with nature, aligning with ecological principles rather than disrupting them. Everything you do below ground supports everything above.


Build resilience

SoiLife improves soil structures by:

  1. Softening compact soil increasing root penetration.
  2. Increasing water holding capacity.
  3. Health defence, enabling resistance to disease and pests.